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Monday Motivation

Every week I'll be highlighting a new author and/or a new release. This week's gem is from author LG Rollins, a Well-Kept Promise.

Here's a sneak peak:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that two conniving minds are better than one.

Lady Venetia Lockhart has one goal: prove to her family that her fragile health will not keep her from next year’s London Season. But between her inattentive family who only seems to notice her when she’s ill, and the advances of an unwanted suitor, Venetia finds herself struggling just to make it through autumn’s relaxed social diversions. How will she ever manage in London?

Edmund Dawkes, Marquess of Ashbrook, has his eye on the lovely Miss Weatherford, but he might as well be a discarded piece of old furniture for all the attention she gives him. Despite his wealth and his title, he’s as good at wooing women as a stable hand is at tying cravats.

With Venetia wanting to avoid all attachments and Edmund seeking to make one, the pair strike up a deal to help one another. A lone lady’s glove planted in a gentleman’s pocket, a fake love letter, and a few secret conversations; what could possibly go wrong?

When romance sparks between them, Venetia and Edmund reconsider their motives, but not soon enough to stop what they already started. Will Venetia and Edmund be able to sort through the rubble of their carefully-made plans and find their way back to each other?

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