Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Blogger's Block

We are writers and eventually, we all hit a snag. 
Some of us call it Writer's Block (some authors ignore it completely, hats off to them). Whether you acknowledge it or not, we all run out of ideas or fall out of love with what we've written. It happens to the best of us and right now, it's happening to a few of our fellow challengers.

If you're waist deep in "blah," join the club. You're a writer (or blogger).
And guess what, it's okay.

It's been several years since I've had an all out "nothing in my brain" writer's block. Why? Because I stopped.
No writing. Nothing. 
I stopped everything and did anything and everything but writing. I put myself in a writing time out. Many times, it's just one day of a time-out, some times it's a week. 
I can jot down ideas but not complete sentences. It needs to be a full vacation of the writing mind. Distance makes the heart grows fonder applies to fictional characters (or blogging).

Sometimes stopping is where to start (or end) writer's block.

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