Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Come and Celebrate

It's that time of year where Writers of Kern celebrates its members. Snag your seat and come to relish in our (and your) success.

Attention members:
If you have been traditionally published (or know a fellow member that has) please let us know! All traditionally published authors—not self or indie published—are eligible for the Robert Hargreaves Award.

Dan McGuire Blog Challenge Recipients:
Our fellow bloggers will be receiving their award, come and help celebrate their success!
Joan Raymond, Clarissa Kae, Natalia Corres, Judy Kukuruza, Lily Hobbs, and Ann Cook

Thursday, April 18, 2019

It Never Gets Old

There are few things I love more than seeing my fellow writer friends basking in the warmth of success. Being waist-deep in the trenches bonds us; it's deeper than familial. It's an emotional tie that can't be severed.
Although, Esther and I are in near constant communication, she (thankfully) hasn't tired of me yet. In June, she's flying in for WOK's workshop on her thriving small press career. With my current addition of a second horse, we might have our own adventure that weekend.

How much trouble could two writers conjure in a weekend?

(Side note, Esther's sophomore novel A Proper Scandal is absolutely delicious. She layers depth with intrigue like a pro.)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Magic of the Genie

Every (and I do mean every) one who attended last Saturday's workshop with Jeanne DeVita benefited, either through inspiration or practical "this is how you can be published." 
True to her word, she emailed her powerpoint presentation. If you'd like a copy, shoot me an email. I'll be sending her presentation out this weekend.

Also, if you're interested in an online workshop with our beloved Book Genie, let us know ASAP. We need to schedule her months in advance.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Power of Our Words

Since I was a child, I've kept a carefully logged journal and nothing helps adjust an aging perspective like your own handwriting. It's easy to sit on the sidelines, editing and cheering writers from a safe perch. I've encouraged and helped dozens upon dozens of authors.
But my view of my childhood, my family and faith has come into question the last few years and my journal has been a steadying force. I recently helped an author transition her memoir into a novel. 

There is freedom in creative nonfiction, allowing an emotional truth that many memoirs, especially when trauma is present, can stifle. Watching this writer revisit her personal history was not only inspiring but contagious. 

And so I've left the safety of my perch, and am finishing my own memoir-turned-novel. It's terrifying; truth was never accused of being pretty. But the reception, so far, of how my personal narrative (even novelized) can change a man's perspective, propels me forward.

This is our cause. We are writers. We are called to change the world, one sentence at a time.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Blogger's Block

We are writers and eventually, we all hit a snag. 
Some of us call it Writer's Block (some authors ignore it completely, hats off to them). Whether you acknowledge it or not, we all run out of ideas or fall out of love with what we've written. It happens to the best of us and right now, it's happening to a few of our fellow challengers.

If you're waist deep in "blah," join the club. You're a writer (or blogger).
And guess what, it's okay.

It's been several years since I've had an all out "nothing in my brain" writer's block. Why? Because I stopped.
No writing. Nothing. 
I stopped everything and did anything and everything but writing. I put myself in a writing time out. Many times, it's just one day of a time-out, some times it's a week. 
I can jot down ideas but not complete sentences. It needs to be a full vacation of the writing mind. Distance makes the heart grows fonder applies to fictional characters (or blogging).

Sometimes stopping is where to start (or end) writer's block.