Monday, March 11, 2019

Week Three: Rejection Project

Instead of submitting more queries with the same ol' pitch, I opted for a more exciting adventure, #PitchMad.

From 8 am - 8 pm EST each author is allowed to pitch his or her book three times on Twitter. The rules are simple, only three pitches per book and each pitch must accompany #pitchmad as well as genre specific hashtags (#A for Adult or #WF for Women's Fiction...).

The beauty of Twitter is the limited characters, only 280 to be precise. It forces the author to whittle away the unnecessary fluff, uncovering the heart of the story. If an agent or editor is intrigued, he or she will simply "like" the post, signaling the author to query.

I received three of those elusive "like"s and will keep you posted on where those queries lead. For those interested in polishing your pitch, join us this weekend for our annual Pitch Perfect Contest!

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