Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Dear Members

So much is happening in the next few weeks and we can’t wait for you to join.

Adam Berg will be here for our Spring Conference (Crayon Song will have you laughing in no time and the Scott Sterling clip has more than 65 million views). We’re just around the corner from releasing applications for our Peggy Connelly Scholarship. We have the Book Genie coming in April and our Writers of Kern Awards Dinner in May.

June marks the last month of our fiscal year, a time when the board decides on the future of Writers of Kern. After years of heading critique groups, I stepped in as this year’s president—with the board's herculean effort. My decision was for a twelve-year term only, which comes to a close July 1.

I love our WOK community and am so grateful for the ability to serve. Per our bylaws, we will have a nomination committee, spearheaded by our secretary, Janet Skibinski. Our wonderful writing group will continue as always.

If you are (or know someone who is) interested in serving on the board, or in any other leadership position, please—jump in! 

We have an incredible team consisting of the absolute best people.

See you at the Spring Conference on March 16th!

—Clarissa Kae

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