Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Week Two: The Rejection Project

Stats for Week Two:

Queries Sent: 0
Query Responses: 1
Queries Rejected: 0
Agent Referrals: 1 

Overall Stats: 
Queries Sent: 8
Query Responses: 4
Queries Rejected: 2
Agent Referrals: 2

With half of the agents responding and two referring me to colleagues, it's time to do a little inventory. Our rejection rate is 25%, referral rate at 25%. 

It's not exactly good news, but neither is it bad. At this point we know we have something interesting but not out of this world - if agents were clamoring for longer submissions, then I'd stop reworking the pitch. 
This would be the time to reach out and get some help (for the sake of the Rejection Project, I won't call in favors from the publishing community).

But I will regroup. I'll print off the pitch and rework. 
I'll send it to my critique group or read it out loud or join another online writing community.  But no matter what, I'll continue to polish the pitch until we get those longer requests (when it's up to the quality of the writing, not the query).


Pam said...

Interesting, Clarissa. Are these submissions books, articles or ?

astronomy nerd said...

Thank for the post, Clarissa. :)