Monday, July 29, 2019

Time & Writing

I've made a conscious effort to be more disciplined with my time. When I'm with my kids, I'm with them and when I'm scheduled to write, I do this magical thing called writing. Unfortunately, this cuts into other aspects of writing, like this blog. 
Don't feel abandoned!
Writing contests and literary updates will always be posted here but for the weekly check-ins, those will be posted on my Instagram and Facebook page because sadly, those avenues are a one-click convenience. Announcements (and there a few really exciting ones coming up) will also be posted here. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

It's been fun...

Dear Members,

Over the last twelve months, two horses found their way to my little farm and into my family’s heart. My youngest daughter reached another competitive level on her junior Olympic gymnastic team and my oldest daughter slaughtered dozens of high school mock trial teams as a lowly eighth grader. Thanks to Writers of Kern, my middle daughter was published in WOK’s anthology. Although these are just a few highlights of 2018-2019, to say it’s been a busy year would be a massive understatement.

Working side by side with Writers of Kern’s board is such a privilege. These men and women are incredible in their drive and kindness. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed rubbing shoulders with them over the last several years but the last several months have taught me that time is fleeting.

This fall I’ll have all three daughters in three separate schools (elementary, middle and high school). Each has their own dream and aspirations—but only one set of parents. Both Damon and I are shifting our work schedules to become more available for our girls, including non profit and charitable work. I will continue writing (and editing) but have become extremely selective in the projects I’ll take on.

We had an incredible speaker for June. Esther never pictured herself as an author, and now she can’t imagine life without characters and plots in her head. She, like so many other wonderful writers, helped me reach the personal decision to step back and refocus how my time is spent.

Thank you for the support and the memories,

Clarissa Kae

Friday, May 3, 2019

In the Midst of Being Still

Graduations and summer are just around the corner but nothing has me looking to the future quite like my recent injury—my horse accidentally stepped on my leg.

The girls were spearheading their largest fundraiser to date. It was a split event with a gymnastic mock meet inside the facility and a fundraising fair outside.

Instead of elevating my leg, I trudged onward. And yet, I would have forced my little gymnast to lay down and take it easy but as a mother of three, the show must go on. My saintly mother-in-law flew in to help with our massive undertaking but even with her, I spent far too many hours on my feet.

By Saturday afternoon, my leg quit working altogether. Swollen twice its normal size—with a beautiful array of blue, black and purple coloring—I was forced to sit. Damon called in a work favor and here I am with my leg in a compression sleeve and crutches within arm’s reach. Until the MRI is read I’m going to pretend the hematoma will miraculously shrivel to nothing and that the torn calf muscle is just a sprain.
We have fifty chickens, four dogs and two horses. The daily chores of collecting eggs and shoveling horse manure aren’t exactly conducive to sitting—or crutches.

But in the midst of the chaos, I’ve been forced learned a few things.

One, my children are naturally kind and genuinely want to pitch in and take care of their mother.
Two, it’s okay to let go. I like a clean house and a clean paddock. Physically, I can’t keep up with either. The kids already have their list of chores, homework and practice (gymnastic, mock trial and instruments).
Three, there’s beauty in being still. I love to streamline—I love efficiency. There’s always a quicker or more productive way to accomplish tasks.
Yes, even writing. My brain does a happy dance every time I find a more efficient way to do something. But sometimes, I forget there’s also merit in doing nothing.

With summer just around the corner, take a moment to put down the computer or the pen and just be. Who knows, maybe your next novel will bubble up in the midst of being still.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Come and Celebrate

It's that time of year where Writers of Kern celebrates its members. Snag your seat and come to relish in our (and your) success.

Attention members:
If you have been traditionally published (or know a fellow member that has) please let us know! All traditionally published authors—not self or indie published—are eligible for the Robert Hargreaves Award.

Dan McGuire Blog Challenge Recipients:
Our fellow bloggers will be receiving their award, come and help celebrate their success!
Joan Raymond, Clarissa Kae, Natalia Corres, Judy Kukuruza, Lily Hobbs, and Ann Cook