Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Thank you, Dear Members

Dear Members,

It must’ve been fate as I’ve had two completely different President’s Message be deleted over the course of a week. The first was an apology over a miscommunication with the last speaker, the second was an all-out beggar’s plea for volunteers and now this—a newfound gratitude for the literary community.

My daughters began a kindness campaign roughly two years ago and although publicly it appears their message has resonated but behind closed doors and through the veiled darkness that only anonymous emails and profiles can provide, there’s been a deep ugliness. Pure, unadulterated kindness somehow threatens the very souls of people—not unlike raw and well told stories. Books take readers outside of themselves, asking them to stop looking through their own glasses but their neighbors’.

One by one, authors, editors and agents have extended beautiful messages of hope to my daughters. It’s this community (that is sadly is used to being silenced) that has linked arms with this rising generation and their Kindness Revolution. It is November, the month we tend to stop and glorify gratitude—and today, I am no different.

I am grateful for the stories, the lives and the books we read and write—and more importantly, share. We are the storymakers, the “changer of lives” as my youngest daughter likes to say. And so, I say, thank you.

Thank you for chugging along on the uphill battle to publication.
Thank you for submitting despite the mountain of rejection letters.
And thank you for rallying around the under dogs and the silenced.

-       Clarissa Kae

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