Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Forget the Siesta, We have First Draft

While most of the publishing world is throwing their yearly siesta, we're gearing up for another fantastic workshop. Our writers asked for help and Writers of Kern snagged First Draft Publishing.
Here's a sneak peek:

To make any task easier you need structure and publishing a book is no different. Self Publishing can be simple if you have the right system to work with.
Donnée and Marcus Harris have spent seven years writing, formatting and creating books to share with the world. In the process, their experience as a journalist, creative writer and publisher has prompted them to share their experience with other writers that have an interest in self publishing their books.
Our Self-Publishing System will give you everything you need to create an Ebook and Print book from your edited manuscript. This course includes video lectures, step-by-step instructional videos, templates and industry resources needed to complete your book.

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