Thursday, August 30, 2018

August President's Message

For years I’ve visited clients and conferences alike. The greatest frustration writers expressed was the lack of community in local cities. It’s easy for those of us here in California. We to take for granted our WOK family and all that it entails. Writers pretend to be lone wolves but we secretly crave that pat on the back from our fellow bibliophiles. To create characters worthy of sharing is a passion—or cross to bear, depending on the writing day. It's what binds us as authors.

Yet in the last month, I received nearly thirty emails from shocked Bakersfield residents. Each and every email expressed pleasant surprise that California’s Central Valley had a writing group of its own. It’s a little ironic that an organization uniting writers has yet to “spread the word” to our own family and friends.

And so, I challenge you (and myself) to open our mouths, extend an invitation and invite budding writers to a meeting. We’ve revamped our Student Membership with a lot $10 annual fee. For those eighteen and younger, they won’t pay for meeting fees. Not now. Now ever.

We hope to expand our reach and include members from all walks of life whether they are young in years, young in spirit or on the verge of society—Writers of Kern has a place you.

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