Friday, July 6, 2018

Dear Writers

Dear Writers,

Cheering authors started out as a simple hobby but mushroomed to an all consuming career. For months, I vacillated back and forth on whether to accept the upcoming nomination for President of my local California Writers Club branch.

Thankfully, the decision forced me to revisit my priorities and schedules. With three small children (ages eight to thirteen) who are active in both the school and the community have more than the lion’s share of my time.

Add critique groups and clients, I had mere seconds left for my writing until I reached out to an incredible board. Overnight, I had volunteers help with critique groups and substitutes for the upcoming months already pegged for my daughters’ events.

I spent the last several years working side by side with a dedicated board—even saying an earthly farewell to a dear, dear friend. Through these friendships, we built a new caliber of critique groups, added Young Writers of Kern and expanded membership. It was a beautiful experience but also an overwhelming expectation to continue.

We—the board—played a bit of musical chairs and restructured positions; our past president now sits at the helm of our indie imprint while our past Vice President captains our ever-growing young writers program.

And now, we embark on a new fiscal year with the same eagerness and same hunger to help our authors with our new Mentorship Program. Writing might be solitary but editing and publishing doesn’t have to be.

Sending that first submission (or the hundredth) can be demoralizing—we’re unrolling a plan to help with the entire publishing process. From contests to queries, we’ll be here to help our members through their publishing journey.

 For more info on membership, click here.


Clarissa Kae

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