Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Join, Submit and Publish

Authors need that one publishing credit to their name, one acquisition editor to take a leap of faith on their craft, before they can join a writing guild or other "published only" authors groups. 
At Writers of Kern, we invite authors to join, to submit and to publish.

Ahead of the game as always, Writers of Kern founded WOK Press with this in mind. And don't you worry, they're accepting submission right now for their 2018 Anthology.

Authors must be a member to submit ($10 for students, $65 first year, $45 renewal)
Once you've joined, you'll also have access to free critique groups to polish your submission. You'll also have a chance to enter WOK's Fall Writing Contest, winners are given automatic submission to the anthology (another publication credit).

Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Poetry, Cover Art/Photo Art and Museful Moments
You can send over as many submissions in each category as you deem worthy (just please, please, please, follow the submission guidelines)

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