Monday, May 28, 2018

Author Etiquette: Remember the Mouse

During a recent collaboration, I heard a few veteran authors and agents bemoan the loss of social etiquette within the publishing world. It's easy to overlook, I am in fact writing this blog alone and you, dear reader, are most likely reading this, alone. Reading, writing and editing can be lonely but that doesn't mean we kick social graces to the curb.

Remember the Mouse
Authors are intimate creatures, we pen our emotions/dreams and expect validation not criticism. 
We are writers, visionaries, dreamers...we are second only to God (yes, I had a client say this to me).

In reality, our masterpiece needs to be buffed and chipped until we uncover our little diamond in the rough. We need our editors. We need our critiques.
It's hard on the ego and tough on the pride. It's easy to dismiss a critique or belittle critique members but remember, they are future published authors. It's better to have a friend than a foe in this cozy industry. 

If you hire a professional editor and do not agree with his/her edits, be careful and speak kindly. Many editors are also on acquisition boards (those lovely people who decide if you will be published or not) and they are not required to disclose this information. 
If you speak ill of an editor/agent/author, chances are, they will hear it and you will pay the price.
Remember the fable, it was the lion who ended up needing the mouse, not the other way around.

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