Wednesday, April 25, 2018

When Editing Takes a Hike

I've yet to be stumped with a client's manuscript but my own work is another story. Countless hours of staring at a blinking cursor can bring on an obscene level of restlessness. 
Sometimes a bruising run or a long hike under the sun can help, and then other times, I take the words with me. 
The speed is slow, the steps awkward, but problems unravel and the story unfolds, allowing me to tackle the glaring flaws. It's only here, when I tell the internal editor in me to take a hike, that the story gets the intensive care it needs.


Shirley C said...

I know what you mean. I often go out and walk in the middle of a project. It’s helpful!

Unknown said...

You hit it right on target! I love to take a walk in the middle of writing a poem and let my stride produce new lines. I also get ideas while driving,..for some reason, especially when cruising west on Truxtun Extension!