Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Critique Central

It's the umpteenth time you've tackled your villain's death scene and all you can focus on killing is the blinking cursor and the pretty adverb you already deleted twice before.

We've been there, shoot, some of us are still there.

Maybe you've even taken the next step and joined a critique group only to find they're just not that into writing. Or they've read your thriller so many times they've memorized the dialogue and are just as blind as you are.

If you're stuck in your critique group, switch it up. Or join a second one. 
If you don't live near any writers, join an online group (or two or three). 

Critique groups force us to do one thing, schedule. We submit on a certain day and meet on another, whether in person or through a computer. More than anything else, critique groups give us a foundation with our fellow authors. 
We write. 
We critique and then we write again.

Click here for help on joining a critique group.

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