Monday, March 5, 2018

To Conference or Not to Conference?

What's the deal with writers conferences?
I've been asked this at least a dozen times in the last month. I, for one, am a conference junkie. I'm headed to Writers of Kern in a few weeks and Storymakers in May.
The publishing industry is a far cry from the loner's paradise it once was. Agents (like this one) attend for "three reasons: relationships, relationships, relationships."
Only at a writers conference can we experience a high concentration of creative energy. There's a fluidity to it. The speaker shares an idea or guidance, which in turns touches a writer who then shares their own idea to another writer...and then a writer talks with the speaker, who is given a new idea to ponder.

I've met lifelong friends because of writer conferences. I've not yet attended the conference in May and already this morning I spoke (via Zoom) with future attendees (one from Scotland, one from Idaho and one from Utah). 

For those of you who are sitting behind a screen shaking your head...

Trust me, it's not nearly as scary as you're thinking. Come join the fun, who knows, your future agent might be waiting for you.


Annis Cassells said...

I'm a conference junkie, too. If I have to choose between two or six sessions, I am crazed. I want to see and hear them all. xoA said...

I love conferences, too. Always so much good info! And I'm already registered for our own WoK Spring conference. Yay!