Monday, March 19, 2018

The Best of Pitches, the Worst of Pitches

I absolutely loved judging Writers of Kern's Pitch Contest. Each of these submissions were given at the conference without preparation. I do have a confession, I loved reading the worst pitches. It truly takes talent to purposely write badly.

Best Pitch

Winner: Rossely Harmon
A young troublemaker accidentally turns her town into stone and must embark on the dangerous journey of defeating the Beast on the Mount in order to reverse the spell and get back to her family.

Runner up: Rossely Harmon
Years after witnessing the brutal slaughter of her family by a blood-thirsty dictator, a young Haitian girl attempts to escape the racially divided society by befriending a highly  ranked soldier.

Runner up: Lori Renee
Young love dares to overcome the social stigma and complications of mental illness while searching for a missing teen.

Worst Pitch
Winner: Ian Cant
This may not be the best of books, but on the other hand, it may not be the worst of books either…I think.

Set in a recent revolutionary episode in an exotic foreign locale, the English milord foils his foes and liberates his fair lady. He does a noble thing, which is good but dies at the end, which is not so good. But in between the story is action-packed and no more gory than necessary.

Runner Up: Joan Raymond
All my friends told me this is a good book. It’s like the love story where everyone dies. From Poison. Then one person gets a dog. And then they find out its magic—and everyone comes back to life.

Runner Up: Ava Rose
The characters aren’t nice. The main character dies because of them. She can’t runway. They all die.
The End.

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Annis Cassells said...

That was a fun part of the conference. Great idea, Clarissa. Enjoyed the photos and getting to read the pitches here. Thank you. xoA