Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Spread the Love

Last year my daughters launched Kind Girls Make Strong Women both on Facebook and Instagram. They sold clothes and charms (without profit) to help spread the message. They appeared on the news both locally and in other hot pockets across the country. Their reach has spread as far as London but here, they've deepened their service. They've appeared and spoken at school districts, cleaned parks and much more.

Once a quarter, they host a donation drive to feed the hungry. 
This Saturday (February 17th, 2018) from 10 am. to 2 p.m. they'll be collecting non perishable food for their Spread the Love Donation Drive. And, like always, they are offering free tacos to boot. They've spent countless hours organizing and marketing this event. If you're able, please stop on by. There will be prizes for donors and local booths from our sponsors.


Pam said...

I see your girls on TV regularly! Awesome job mom and kids!

Unknown said...

What amazing young women you're raising to be strong, kind, and smart adults. It's comforting for me to know our world is in their hands. xoA