Monday, January 8, 2018

Dan McGuire Blog Challenge

Dan took a detour to Smith’s Bakery every time we had a board meeting. He’d show up with Apple Fritters and a joke or two in his pocket. The last time time I went to lunch with him, we joked about how food filled his belly and his blog. 

The Tuesday after he died, I bought an Apple Fritter. I couldn’t eat it and wound up giving it to a mother with a crying toddler. The loss of Dan still catches me off guard but there’s hope in continuing his legacy. 

Dan published his (now defunct) blog, Bako Heat three times a week. There are times I still scroll through his site, mostly to hear his humor. And his voice. He was a man easy to love and hard to forget. 

In his honor, we’re hosting the Dan McGuire Blog Challenge.

From February 5th to May 6th each participant will post 26 articles on his or her blog—and comment on fellow bloggers.

Please join us in our tribute to a great man.

Participants: please email me your blog (I’ll be listing each blog to encourage participation).


Annis Cassells said...

Loved Dan, too. AND, I love this tribute to him. Blog ON! xoA

Clarissa Kae said...

Thank you...he couldn't help it, he was just too darn lovable