Monday, October 2, 2017

Kind Girls Make Strong Women

There are countless lines of donors waiting and willing to give their blood. Food, money and volunteers are pouring in. Moments like these restore the humanity in each of us.

Just a few months ago, my daughters watched the Charlottesville protest in horror. Innocent and a bit na├»ve, they began selling t-shirts. They can’t save the world but they could at least start a dialogue. In a few short weeks, their t-shirts began showing up across the nation, a few in England and Canada.

I suppose it takes a bit of childlike wonder to make a change. They’ve cleaned parks, visited the unfortunate (and more importantly begun to be more sensitive to each other)…and now they’re organizing a food drive for the hungry.

It’s a simple saying, kind girls make strong women but it sends a powerful message. These girls scrimped and saved to pay for the first shipment of shirts (they don’t make any money on them). They sold lipstick and babysat to make sure they could keep the cost down. But here’s the funny thing, while the world is shaking their head—they’re doubling down, trying to figure out what more they can do.

They can’t do everything or save everyone. But they can do something. And they will.

For upcoming Kind Revolution events, follow them on Instagram (@littlechicksbeautyboutique) or Facebook (Little Chicks Beauty Boutique). To purchase t-shirts click here.

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