Friday, September 29, 2017

Founded in Fact, Colored with Creativity

We’re down to the last few days before the WOK’s 2017 Fall Writing Contest deadline. Your hands are cramped from countless edits, your neck is tight and your eyes are bloodshot. But now is the time to remember that you, my friend, are not here to tell us about a subject, place or personality.

Your job in Creative Nonfiction is to show us, invite us to the world of your research. Creative Nonfiction reads like fiction. It’s based on fact, on true events or an actual person, idea or problem.

But how it’s presented is the difference between the uninspired and the creative.

Too many authors hold back, rein in their talent because of the intimidating word, nonfiction. But just like fiction, we need scenes. We need stories. They’re just as much the building blocks of a novel as they are of a biography. Or documentary.

It’s the foundation of writing. We’re storytellers first, writers second. Anybody can tie words together. But only an author can pierce us to the very core.

Don’t forget your place in the world, and don’t forget to take us.

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