Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fighting the Holiday Halt

The temperature dips and so does your word count. Between holiday parties and family gatherings, there's little to no time left for your masterpiece.

Scott Eagan, founder of Greyhaus Literary Agency encourages writers to steal 1-3 hours for your writing time during the holiday season. 

As a mother of three and the owner of what feels like Grand Central Station for the neighborhood, church and family--an hour sounds like a hopeless endeavor. 

But fifteen minutes? That's doable.

Those fifteen minutes sometimes slip into hours while other times they're just a few minutes of staring at a screen listening to another rousing argument between adult siblings.

No matter your trade taking a break for a few weeks (or months) sets you back. A few days here or a few days there can revitalize your focus. More than that, and your craft begins to slip.

Like Scott, I believe the trick to maintaining your writing career is slogging through a scene when its the last thing you want to do. Who wants to be sequestered when cinnamon rolls are fresh from the oven? Or wants to miss your cousin drag her latest victim under the mistletoe? 

Fifteen minutes. Hide in the bathroom. Hide in the closet. Fifteen minutes and your book will thank you.

Friday, December 2, 2016

One spot left...

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We have one opening for the Tuesday slot in our Two Week (online) Critique Camp. 
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