Monday, November 28, 2016

Writing Contests

To keep our words sharp and our characters even sharper, I've included the following contests...

Short Fiction Contest
Deadline: 12/31/16
Entry Fee: $16
Prize: $1,500 and publication in Boulevard
For more information, click here
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Lascaux Review 
Short Fiction
Deadline: 12/31/16
Entry Fee: $10
Prize: $1,000 and publication in Lascaux Review
For more information, click here

Ashland Creek Press
New Environmental Literature
Deadline: 12/21/16
Entry Fee: $17
Prize: $1,000 and four-week residency at PLAYA writers retreat
This is for any unpublished or published work of fiction focusing on environment, animal protection, ecology or wildlife.
For more information, click here

Glimmer Train Press
Family Matters
Deadline: 1/2/17
Entry Fee: $18
Prize: $2,500, publication in Glimmer Train Stories and 20 copies of the prize issue
For more information, click here

Masters Review
Short Story Award for New Writers
Deadline: 1/15/17
Entry Fee: $20
Prize: $2,000 and publication in Masters Review
Fore more information, click here

Good luck and good writing!
As always, if you're looking to join a critique group, contact me here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Critique Camp Openings

Just a few spots left for both the Tuesday and Wednesday night critique camp. If you are a member of CWC please include your membership number and branch name (or the cost of $25).

For registration please contact

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Weight of Empathy

I was eight when I walked through a high-end department store and saw a fur coat.
I fell to my knees in tears and cried. To my mother's dismay I bawled, asking, "Why? Why would you kill an animal?" 
It was the first time the world appeared to be cruel. The first time my gaze took me beyond me and my innocence. It didn't take long to realize I wasn't cut out to be a journalist, there were too many sides to one story, too much humanity and too many errors for me to understand.

Yesterday, Laura googled Donald Trump, followed by Hillary Clinton and every other issue our country has spent the last two years arguing. 

Laura broke down in tears, her heart town between empathy and despair. She watched Trump blast her faith and her heritage, then watched Clinton speak about abortion.

She teetered from one controversy to the next. For the first time, she realized there wasn't a perfect answer or a perfect hero. Her world shifted, the boundaries now wavy. Her ten-year-old world was no longer black and white. It was her first taste of gray.

Laura is going to stumble, she's going to fall while she finds her own way, her own beliefs. Wherever she goes and whatever she chooses I hope she never loses her empathetic heart.