Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Group for You

Writers of Kern is the local chapter of California Writers Club. We’re snuggled in between San Francisco and Los Angeles, right in the belly of the San Joaquin Valley. The valley’s hot summers and foggy winters feed our creativity, allowing us to host the largest number of face-to-face critique groups in the state (arguably the nation). From Christian to erotica and memoir to fantasy, we have a critique group for everyone. Including you.

For years I bounced between online critique forums (Scribophile was my favorite) but all of them lacked one crucial element—conversation. Thankfully, Writers of Kern has filled the void.

Our members travel (and some via Facetime/Skype) to participate in their critique groups. Each group is made up of 3-6 writers who read each author’s submission prior to the meeting. Candid feedback is applied liberally, and repeated a few weeks later.

The groups are directed by a vetted critique leader and a standard critique form—both of which are evaluated every six months at a biannual critique leader meeting. We read, we cry and we encourage through the success and rejection of every author.

Our ambitious critique groups have turned literary heads (CWC for one). Finding a group of like-minded writers to help hone your craft is but a dream to most aspiring authors. Writers of Kern is no longer cheering our writers from the sidelines, we’re grabbing their hands and running the marathon with them.

Take the plunge, join our cause. Apply here for membership and here for our complimentary critique groups.


Joan Raymond said...

Great post Clarissa. I love our critique groups. Not only do we help each other with our writing, but we bond as friends during the process.

Clarissa Kae said...

Joan, if you think our critique groups are nice, you should meet our President ;)

Unknown said...

Getting feedback from other writers (who also have to share their writings) is priceless. Honest, encouraging, sometimes brutal—yet highly effective—criticism challenges me to grow and keeps me writing. Critique groups are a unique form of support and encouragement with common goals that provide a safe place to test new material.

Unknown said...

Critique groups are why I joined WOK in the first place. Now I have a network of writers and opportunities to grow. Thanks for all you do, Clarissa!

Clarissa Kae said...

Emily, you are one of the very reasons I love Writers of Kern. I love talking with you, I love encouraging you. I love it all.