Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dear Writer

Dear Writer:

I’m your story, the one stuck in your beautiful mind. I’ve been waiting for my turn on the shelf. And waiting.

There’s a few hundred pages of my characters and plot in your fancy computer. You’ve slashed a word or two with that blasted red pain of yours. I’ve been sucker punched with a rejection letter from your underwhelming query letter.

But what I haven’t experienced is the full force of your craft. You’ve not rubbed shoulders with other published authors or eager agents. You’ve taken the first few steps to Authordom by joining a writers club. I held my breath when you became a critique member, they trimmed the fat off a few subplots.

But I’m still here—in your mind and in your computer—and not in Barnes and Noble. I’ve turned gray in here, stuck between memories of your high school crush and your long list of “someday”s.

The publishing world has changed, it’s time to embrace it. Gone are the days when rejected queries accompanied gentle suggestions on how to improve. We have to do more. We have to become more.

You’ve taken the first few steps in the ladder to publishing heaven. It’s time to attend conferences not just for improving your craft but to take the temperature of our genre. The farther you wade into the publishing waters, the more you’ll learn.

Make 2016 the year of the conference. Find them. Attend them.

I’m ready and waiting.

—Your Story.


Joan Raymond said...

I have one of those stories that's waited patiently for me also. One of the male characters has been in a coma for over two years because I didn't have the courage to go back and let him die. I know what I have to do, it's not easy.
Thank you dear stories waiting for us. We know you're out there and buried deep in our souls. We know you wait patiently each day and your words tremble in anticipation when we sit at the computer, only to have hopes dashed when we spend time on Facebook or checking email.
Great post Clarissa. Thanks for the reminder to tend what's most important, to revive the stories and spend time with them again.

Annis Cassells said...

Love this. Great job of personifying Your Story. A "come to Jesus" talk from a Work in Progress. This is something we could all use, I'm sure. Thanks. xoA

Unknown said...

Such a universal call: "create me." I like your point about not only writing the story, but completing the due diligence to get it published and in the hands of readers. Thanks for this encouraging post, Clarissa!

Unknown said...

Thought provoking post. I like the POV! Love this line: " I’ve turned gray in here, stuck between memories of your high school crush and your long list of “someday”s."