Thursday, February 4, 2016


Social media gives a microphone to any voice. A whisper becomes the chant of millions in a matter of seconds. It’s beautiful—and frightening, especially for mothers.
I can slip from my hotel room in downtown New York City and join the ranks of busy dreamers without so much as a glance. No one knows my name. No one knows my family.

But here—at home—I sit alone, typing on a computer for the world to see. With a click, everyone knows my name. And my family.
Becoming a writer is my choice, not my daughters’ and in that spirit, I’ve decided to knight them with new names for this blog.


I’d like to introduce Hermione—she prides herself on strict obedience with self imposed goals and rules. It was a toss up between Florence and Hermione (Florence for her tireless nursing skills with her younger sisters). She excels in math and science, where rules are a foundation she can leap from.

This is Laura, as in Laura Hillenbrand the author of Seabiscuit and Unbroken. My Laura takes the world’s carnage and paints it, turning pain into beauty. She frustrates her older sister (Hermione) because she can’t breathe, she can’t think in a box. She doesn’t see black and white—nor gray. She views the world in vibrant colors as alive as her emotions. Her feet may touch the ground, but her mind is in another sphere altogether—one she has created.

And my youngest, Love—but let’s call her Lovey. And no, it’s not because she’s cute. It’s because Love can throw a scrappy punch when she’s ticked but then wrap her arms so tightly around your neck you can hardly breathe. She’s stubborn and loyal—and forever unpredictable. With a smile and a laugh, she hands out happiness but with one look, she levels an army. She’s proud and shy and every other contradiction. She's everything love is and does to us.


John Harrer said...

Wonderful family. All three look like capable, creative beings.

Donnee Patrese said...

They all are very cute though. Glad to see someone else raising a tribe of women. all three of mine are characters as well. Great Post.

Emily Brunett said...

What a beautiful trio! I love that you took the time to highlight them individually. They all seem like a wonderful handful!

Unknown said...

What a lovely tribute to your daughters and good idea for their privacy. I look forward to hearing more about their escapades. Kudos to you with a young family, career and writing aspirations!

Annis Cassells said...

What a treat to meet your daughters and get to know a little about each of them. Thanks, Clarissa. xoA