Friday, February 21, 2014

The Puppy Band-aid

My middle daughter is beautiful and bright but sometimes her imagination can take her to a place flooding with anxiety. Experience has taught me the soothing effects of a puppy's love. The quick, soft kisses calm even the stormiest of days.
 There's a bond between a child and her dog, one I know quite well. Books are read, secrets are shared and fears are chased away with the loyalty only a dog can provide.
 I was once the little girl, longing for the consistent love a puppy generously offers. Bad hair-days, sucky test scores and geeky tendencies didn't dampen my dog's affections. She would still wag her tail and whine for attention - my attention. Me, and me alone. Because I was somebody to someone (a four-legged someone).
 Puppies are the greatest Band-aids, they never fall off and they never stop healing. I'm profoundly grateful for my daughter's puppy, and the puppies of my past.

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