Saturday, November 30, 2013

S is for Steps

Breaking a habit or developing one, requires a program. Smoking cessation, biting nails or losing weight all start with a single step. With the recent meeting with Dr. Chuck Wall and ending the year, I've decided to take this Christmas Season up a notch. This will be the last year my family will participate in the extended family gifts. The time and effort to search for those ten or twenty dollar items will be now be donated to a family in need, in addition to a new Five Step Program.

Last year, my friend created and distributed  Cup O' Kindness tins. They're filled to the brim with Belgian hot chocolate mix. This year, I've decided to combine Christmas, Random Acts of Kindness and Hot Chocolate into one. My little family will be giving away the tins, with the following note attached.

You’ve received a Cup O’ Kindness!
In this time of celebration and commercial mayhem, may I suggest a Five Step Program?
1.              Drink one cup hot chocolate from the Cup O’ Kindness tin.
2.              Share minimum of one cup of hot chocolate from the Cup O’Kindness.
3.              Withdrawal the bag of hot chocolate, and fill the tin with goodies/money/kind words.
4.              Write and attach the words “Continue the Kindness” on the outside of the tin.
5.              Deliver your new Tin O’ Kindness to an unsuspecting victim.

I hope the spirit of Kindness and Christmas will keep this tradition going.


Unknown said...


I love the Cup O' Kindness idea you'll be doing this year. I like the way it's a gift that keeps on giving with more than one recipient.

This year we've decided to give gifts that are all homemade - nothing store bought. It's fun listening to all the creative ideas everyone is coming up with. I think this year gift giving will be so much fun and stress free.

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Annis Cassells said...

Clarissa, I love this idea! How creative. And, how cool to take the lessons of Chuck Wall and bring them to life. Whatta Woman you are. xoA