Friday, November 1, 2013

O is for Old

Having shelled out money for candy and silly outfits, I was now being led like a sugar beggar to my neighbors. We were forty minutes into Trick-or-Treating. My husband was cheerfully marching the older girls while I held the hand of my second daughter. She whispered, "Can't we just go to the store and buy candy? Can we just go home?" My heart swelled three times its size, perhaps I could corrupt at least one of my daughters to the Anti-Halloween camp.

And then it happened.

It looked like every other decorated house.
But then the owner swung open his door. With a quick wave, like a magician offering a card trick, he displayed a blanket covered in nicknacks. 
My daughter abandoned me, letting my hand hang neglected at my side, and flew to the blanket. All three girls (apparently loyalty is fickle) snatched various "treasures" worthy of a Saturday morning garage sale.

My middle, second daughter sang all the way home as she clutched two pennies and an aged Webster's dictionary. This morning she jumped from her bed, cradling her booty as her sisters joined in. 
 My one time companion yelled, "I love Halloween!"

Operation Destroy Halloween was now dead. Kaput. I failed.

My middle child held up her pennies, announcing, "This is awesome. This penny is super old... it's from the 1980's!"

Apparently, I'm super old and hate Halloween even more.


Unknown said...

Lol! I love how the year 1980 on that penny seemed really old to them. It reminds me of all the teenagers around me who refer to what happened a couple of years ago as "the time when they were young." As for the "holiday," trick-or-treating is only cool for so long. Soon they'll be having fun skipping the whole door-to-door tradition and doing other Halloween activities.

Annis Cassells said...

Oh, Goody! Another anti-Halloweenist. I've always disliked this day. As a mom, I worried about my kids getting too much candy. As a teacher, having to deal with the aftermath of a late, sugar-laden night for students. As a now really old person (I date back to the 1940s, you know), I cringe at the violence depicted by many of the costumes.

I could erase Halloween from the calendar. BUT, I did join in on Costume Night at our recent family reunion. Happy to see there is still some real creativity around in costume selection.

Thanks for your post. xoA

Donnee Patrese said...

I'm sorry. My massive sweet tooth and the fact that I am married to a cheap man makes me love Halloween. My two youngest live for Halloween and Christmas. My anxiety disorder kept me from taking them trick or treating for years. This year (with the right medication) I dressed up and took them three blocks and to different neighborhoods.

However my 13 yr old expressed to me that she found it weird that we tell kids never to take candy from strangers and 1 day a year we just throw that out the window. I had nothing to say. I didn't share my candy with her.

Clarissa Kae said...

I just laughed - I never realized it but your 13 year old is right. I should pull that move on them next year. Fun times.