Tuesday, October 15, 2013

K is for Kindness

Last month, at our Writer's of Kern meeting, Dr. Chuck Wall educated (and entertained) us with stories of kindness. He founded The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
I bought a few books and shipped them out to those who would treasure this idea (and quite frankly, those who already embrace this lifestyle).
Did I recommit myself to acts of kindness, yes. But more importantly, for the rest of the day...and week I thought about all those moments when others were kind to me. 
Our friend and realtor who dropped off a brand new jogging stroller when I wasn't home. He knew I loved to run and I was nervous about the financial aspect of having our second child.
The girlfriend who called and insisted on pulling me (kicking and screaming) from severe postpartum depression. The doctor who stayed late at the hospital for my daughter. The professor who knocked on my door, refusing to let my grades suffer the same fate as my self esteem - who knew I was better than I believed. The editor who met (and meets) with me again and again (despite the anxious emails and texts). The husband who worked fifteen hour days and came home to do the dishes I neglected. 

The list goes on and on...

But something magical happened as I pondered these moments of kindness. While I was deep in thought, my actions changed. From opening my home to a family I didn't know to holding the shoulders of a friend consumed with grief, I realized kindness begets kindness. It's an organic and invisible mass that grows with each touch, each thought...each action.


Donnee Patrese said...

Funny, I wrote my "K" Blog on Kindness as well. :-). Great Post! I have also recommitted myself to kindness and in doing so I realized that more people are doing kind things for me.

Clarissa Kae said...

So ironic, isn't?

Unknown said...

I agree that kindness begets kindness, it's kind of a snowball effect. At first it seems like we have to really concentrate on being kind, but then something takes place in our hearts and it just makes sense. Maybe we're used to protecting ourselves and not reaching out, but once one starts to do little things, kindness becomes a way of life.

Anna K. Stewart said...

It's amazing what we sometimes take for granted. Lovely post.

Unknown said...

I find proof that "kindness begets kindness" whenever I'm walking in or out of the gates that surround my apartment. I end up holding the door open for someone, or someone holds it open for me, and I see another person pay it forward with the same act. Kindness is definitely catchy, and knowing this helps remind me to do more kind acts for other people.