Monday, October 14, 2013

J is for Juicing

I have a fantastic life - no argument there.  However, out of our family of five, three of us suffer from chronically sour stomachs. If I could rid myself of a few minor things like my stomach pains, I'd be thrilled. If I could do that for my kids - I'd be in heaven. By heaven, I mean the pearly gates and angels singing.
 The newest solution for GI bliss? Juicing.
Does it help? For now, yes. Whether it's gluten-free or sugar-free, nothing seems to cure our problem.
But for this little interim we are happy campers. 
Except for one thing... it tastes like muddy salad - minus the ranch dressing.
We decided to take our all organic juice and mix it with the processed powder of Crystal Light. Now it looks like dirty grass but tastes like sweet lemonade. 
Or maybe that's the true problem, we can't commit to the extreme health diets our stomachs beg for. Either way, I have some juice to devour. Cheers!


Annis Cassells said...

A lot of people tout the joys of juicing. Have you tried papaya for helping with digestion?


Donnee Patrese said...

I hear so many people talk about how great juicing is and how delicious it is. I wonder if they are secretly adding something like crystal light as well. lol muddy salad sounds about right. yuck!

Clarissa Kae said...

Annis, I should try papaya again but the smell makes my stomach churn.
Donnee, it is DISGUSTING. I don't care who or what they say, it's gross. Although, I do have a friend who adds this omega thing that tastes like peach. Either way, it's artificial flavoring. I can't chug this stuff down without something to drown out the nastiness.

Unknown said...

I applaud your juicing efforts. Personally, I don't know if I could drink some of the concoctions I've read about, but I do know it's better for you.
I hope you find something to make your tummies feel better. Sour stomachs are no fun.

Davyd Morris said...

For all the revulsion that I felt just thinking about drinking a "muddy salad," I hope that it is worth it. You mention that it does, "for now." Hopefully, you will reap great benefits and de-sour your stomachs.