Tuesday, October 1, 2013

F is for Forever and Ever - Amen.

Kern River Parkway
It's both a declaration and a curse. My children swear it's their impending doom when homework is at hand...or chores. Forever is shouted as frequently as its cousin, never.  
Math is taking forever, is quickly shouted from an all too eager pout. Just as We'll never finish homework!
I tease the poor saps, knowing full well I would never use absolutes. Forever is a thirty mile run on the bike path. Or trying to finish a blasted novel. Only children would be so dramatic.
I even went so far as to tell my children this with a knowing chuckle.
The phone rang.
PG&E claims department was finally calling, after my three week long battle. In frustration, I stiffly told the man, This is taking forever. You're never going to pay the claim, are you?
I hadn't even hung up before three miniature soldiers disguised as darling daughters threw my words back at me. With laughter to boot.
Later that night, I tossed a 500 page book across my bed. My head hurt from the horribly bland writing and lifeless characters. My middle daughter, the author, skipped into my room. You're never going to finish that book are you? She smiled with two devilish dimples. It's taking forever. She lowered her voice. It's okay, I won't tell anyone. You can say forever. You could say forever and ever, amen.
I rolled my eyes and took the bait. Forever. I said forever.
She threw her head back. A deep, guttural laugh escaped her tiny frame. Her sisters joined her as she jumped on the bed. Mom said it, I got her to say it! She's just like us.
The three soldiers erupt in mutinous laughter, chanting Forever! and Ever!
When ordered to brush their teeth, they smiled quite cheekily, But it'll take 'forever.'
After prayers, hugs and kisses, my youngest wrapped her taut little arms around my neck. She whispered, I love you, forever and ever. Amen. 


Anna K. Stewart said...

You had me chuckling! What a lovely comeuppance! And sweet! I am guessing you'll be stuttering on the F(orever) words for quite some time. Lol!

You have a gift for narration...your posts are very clean and you really do bring your daughters to life for your readers.

Donnee Patrese said...

So sweet. I too get teased by my three daughters everyday. They tease me because I always forget EVERYTHING!! They are just as dramatic as well. Oh the joys of Motherhood! Great Post!

Unknown said...

I loved reading this. It was so wonderfully narrated. Great post!

Davyd Morris said...

Our children are our audience, our critics and our number one fans. Love is special and all-powerful, isn't it?

Annis Cassells said...

Lovely post, Clarissa. The other great thing about our children is they are so forgiving. May that last forever.