Friday, April 12, 2013

Writer's Digest Conference

Who is that fantastic lady next to me? Oh, just a new friend of mine, the author of The Shoemaker's Wife, Adriana Trigiani.
 No big deal. Right? Huge, gigantic deal! She all but fist pumped me into publication with her enthusiasm for all things written. She's the proverbial cheerleader and I'm profoundly touched by her sincerity.
 This quote couldn't have been more telling....I flew to New York for one purpose, and one purpose only. To pitch my book to literary agents.
 Thanks to Willow Moore, who is embarking on her own editing venture, I had a partner in crime in the Big Apple.
I was expecting negative criticism and feedback but was floored when I received more cards and encouragement - from every single agent I spoke with. Every.Single.One.
New York, I love you!